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The main reason I decided to write a post on creating an ISO image from a live CD, is because most of my friends use VMware(s) and they keep downloading ISO images in-spite of having live-distros. When asked why, all they say is that they need a .iso file and can’t find one in the live distros!!

While using Linux, everything is possible.., at least we try our best to make it possible. This pretty much works for all most all the Linux/Unix distro. Other OS, I have not tried. Anyone with the solution is free to share.

Fine lets go ahead and create an ISO image from a live CD. To do this, follow these steps :

  1.  Boot your system normally. Once you are inside, insert the live CD. I found Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) live CD and will be using the same.
  2. Open your terminal. Find your live CD. To know your CD, run the command :
    $df -hT
    In my case it is /dev/sr0, it could be different in your case.
  3. Create your ISO image by running the following command :
    $cat your-cd > the-path-where-your-iso-image-must-reside/filename.iso
    In my case,
    $cat /dev/sr0 > /home/monsi/Desktop/Ubuntu\ 11.10.iso

Screenshot from 2013-10-24 21:41:59

This will take some time. Once done, an ISO image will be created in the path that you have mentioned. Go ahead and use this in your VMware, and it should work fine.